Someone said to me over the weekend: "With what you taught me about money, it flows. Probably because there's no crap."

There it was summed up perfectly in those two words, what I'd been trying to write for days.

No crap.

My very simple, no crap policy has long been this...

If there's a problem, then there's a solution.

I have complete faith in that.

I use this policy in my day-to-day life.

And I used to say it was a foundational principle of manifestation.

Now, I'm just going to call it: God.

My niece loves to play this game with her Slinky.

I hold one end and she holds the other. Then she steps backwards until it can't stretch any further, and she lets go! It snaps closed. She starts to giggle. And then we do it all over again...

I've spent the last 17 years, running my coaching business, but feeling like a spring being stretched further and further until it couldn't stretch another inch.

When I shut my coaching business down, that was me letting go, and the spring snapping closed. Finally.

I'd finally let go of the need to "manifest" another single fucking thing!

And God was right there saying: Are you ready now?

You've done a lot. And it’s barely a blip on the radar of what's possible if you were to stop thinking you had to do it all alone.

Did I really think I had to do it all alone?

I mean I've had this no crap policy for a long time. There were always answers. Those answers came from... the Universe, Guides, the Mothership.

When I looked a little more deeply... the cracks showed clearly enough. I had a strong and clear belief that I'd be looked after. And that served me very, very well.

But maybe I didn't have much FAITH. In God.

Back in the early 2010s, I was manifesting a lot. Travel. Money. Working with big-name coaches.

And debt.

Debt that lingers. Ten years later.

For a long while, I was constantly demanding that I find a way to magically pay it all off. The debt HAD to be paid off. I HAD to figure it out. I HAD to prove that I could do this.

Demands. Demands. Demands that were never met.

It felt like the Universe was pulling me BACK from paying it off.

It felt like I had something all scrambled and that the money wouldn't turn up until I'd unscrambled it.

And I see a truth today that I want to share with you...

I'd supported myself and paid my own way for 17 years. I'd learned how to help others and build faith at the same time. And that debt was a part of the journey. A part of the discovery. A part of the awareness that was building in me layer by layer.

But when I closed the coaching business I was EXHAUSTED.

Something was wrong.

Something was scrambled up inside of me. And I was trying to push myself along regardless.

It seems I'd spent 17 years manifesting from my own limited grit, not from God.

I'd get out there and manifest something. Then I'd pull back, spent. I'd create something. Then I'd stop, the grit dried up. I'd build something. Then I'd be afraid of having too much, fear would win again.

I was relying on myself, my mind, my thoughts. And didn't know how much I was allowed to receive.

God doesn't tell us we're unworthy of more. We say it to ourselves.

We're taught, trained, and bullied into believing that abundance is a sin... it isn't for us... it's greed.

But we also feel bad without access to everything we need, because we KNOW deep down it's allowed. There's that quiet voice saying: but there's more for you!

That's God. Speaking clearly. Telling us that wherever we're stuck isn't where we need to stay.

We're scared of God though. The stories of God as judge and jury mess with us. And for good reason. Many of them are built on the need to manipulate and control.

And then all these stories of manifestation arise and we see the light. Maybe just maybe there's a way to have it more... the Universe has our back. It's all ok. We're allowed to have more. It's "spiritual".

So, we can become master manifesters. While also creating chaos in our lives through the scramble of exhaustion, fear, and the pure grit we force into it...

And we never learn to have any real FAITH in the core principle of manifestation: God.

As that spring snapped shut on the old business, it occurred to me that my story of manifesting debt and making money is something others need to hear too.

I needed to take up a DEEPER exploration - to stop talking about intuition and start talking about God.

Because in only being half in - manifestation but not God - I was scrambling up my business, my life, my finances.

I believed. But I haven't enacted a DEEPER level of faith that I know is there.

So the cracks were getting bigger. Not smaller.

Then, it got too hard NOT to let God seep through all it - life, business, money, everything. I needed to let change happen.

(Truth be told, 15 years ago I was told that my business would turn to focus more fully on God down the track. And I scoffed, as if...)

Now, here I am, as they say: "letting go and letting God".

No crap.

But this time, more flow.