Money is the thing you have to push for.

You won't break if you push for it. Not if what you're going after is aligned. Not if you're following the vision within you... (rather than trying to meet the status quo, keep others happy and generally forget about your own needs).

Money is the thing that causes you to step up and out of your comfort zone. Because it asks something of you...

To be present.

To make more of it, you have to be present. Within yourself. With your ideas. And your ability to take action as well.

If you were to put aside all of your preconceived ideas about money for a moment and notice just one thing about it... notice this:

Money wants nothing of you. It wants something FOR you.

Money brings you the things you say you want in your life.

Without money, you can't attain anything. Not the things that require you to pay for them. And there are many things that require you to pay for them.

That's not greed. Nor depletion.

It's the energy exchange the Universe asks of you to bring balance and order.

But, of course, we have all these preconceived ideas about money that tell us that money is hard, and we can't have any, we're not worthy, and other people have all the 'luck'.

And, of course, it's all BS when you look at it from a different angle. Because you do have money. You open your bank account up each day to buy that cup of coffee, put petrol in the car, purchase that outfit.

It's easy to say you have nothing, but you really have something. Because what you're unwilling to say is that you don't have enough for the life you want. You worry the life you want is greedy, too much, too big. When it's actually calling out to you from deep within, telling you it's where fulfilment, grace and comfort lie.

You say you can't afford that thing that will cause growth. But what you're unwilling to say is that you just don't want to spend money on it. You'd rather spend it on other things. Because you're scared of going without the things that other people have.

Everything is a negative when it comes to money, isn't it?

And that negativity is trained into us for a very long time. Then one day, we're expected to stand up and perform, as adults, by a different set of rules where we can magically take care of everything and everyone around us. #realtalk

What if you worked to retrain yourself? To be present with money. Maybe softer within yourself about it, too.

Instead of buying into the status quo, the old money idea, the trauma even, that was impressed upon you around money... you did something different?

What if you did this:

You decided to see money as having the essence of good - as a creation of God, as provided by the Universe, and as available to you, all the time, in all ways necessary for your ultimate fulfilment?

And your job was to retrain yourself to receive it?

What if you embraced the good that money brings to you, the good you can create with it, and the inspired ideas that flow from allowing yourself to attain more of it?

What if you stopped fighting against it? And began to push yourself in a new direction - thinking new thoughts, taking new actions, and not giving up - and began to receive money?

Because you will have to push - your focus, your intention, your dreams. You'll have to push yourself to be present, to refocus on the idea of money as good, and allow yourself to follow those dreams.

We're talking about allowing yourself to receive the kind of money that's been calling out to you for so long, but you've had the brake of negativity pulled firmly on... and so everything you tried, failed.

You're already fully and completely aligned with all the resources you need to lead the life your soul is here to lead... you just can't see it from inside of that negative money vibration.

So, what if you chose to look at money differently from this point on? What then?!